Web Site History

The first WMWC web site launched in 1996 at http://www.mwc.edu/~wmwc/, designed and developed by Ryan MacMichael, a DJ at the station at the time. The earliest version of the site can be seen on this October 19, 1996 grab by the Internet archive. The #1 album at WMWC that week? The Trainspotting soundtrack.

The site underwent a number of changes between 1996 and 1998 and they exist on a floppy disk somewhere, but the next one the Internet Archive has on file is from November 26, 1997. In this version of the site, students could browse the full WMWC music catalog, see a schedule, sign a guestbook (because those were big in 1997), and see staff picks and reviews.

In 2001, wmwc.org launched as an unofficial web archive of WMWC. While it was primarily focused on history, it eventually also featured current information about the station as well as community features for WMWC alumni.

In January 2005, wmwc.org redesigned and served the dual purpose of being an unofficial alumni site as well as the official WMWC site.