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WMWC Skimmer Tape (Fall 1997)

As is common on college radio, WMWC occasionally ran a skimmer. A skimmer would record airbreaks anytime the DJs would turn their mics on. The idea was that station management would listen for profanity, extraneous talking, etc. Truth is, management rarely listened. More often the tapes would sit, forgotten. DJs would sometimes leave their mic on while playing music, filling up the tape way too quickly with music.

This was one of three skimmer tapes saved with the idea of picking out funny moments that would be put on CD and sell to raise money. The CD never happened.

A wonderful, subtle moment on the tape comes at just past 16 minutes on side A, when Natalie expresses her displeasure with going back to male vocalists after a block of female musicians.

Side B is from a Thursday & Friday and includes a story of one man’s nipple piercing and plenty of other college radio banter.

Date: September 1997

Categories: Audio, Misc


Notes: Based on the dates of the other skimmer tapes, this one is likely from September 1997.