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Radio Speaks (Tuesday May 2, 1950)



By N. W.

It was a beautiful program that originated from the G. W. stage last Wednesday evening in honor of Madame Pandit, and again our own WMWC was proud to play host to WRNL in Richmond, who carried it regionally in this State. The program also was transcribed in our studio for a delayed international broadcast by the Voice of America. This was the second time this year that such a program originated from WMWC, and future occasions are bound to give rise to better recognition of our campus radio station.

At a recent station staff meeting, Anne McClerkin was elected Station Manager of WMWC for 1950-51. A radio and TV enthusiast, Anne is making plans to attend the 20th. Annual Radio Convention to be held in Columbus, Ohio, May 4-7.

Mary Washington College and WMWC made headlines in the May issue of the journal of the Association for Education by Radio. An article about the radio station and Mike Club activities appeared in the journal, which is published in Chicago.

Date: May 2, 1950

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Reference: Mary Washington College Bullet, May 2, 1950, page 2