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Battlefield, 1946


Station WMWC


Station Manager, Marion Brooks; Board of Directors, Ellen Bono, Nelle Dawes, Marijane Lindenberger, Catherine Walker; Director of Programming, Catherine Walker; Director of Religious Activities, Ellen Lane; Director of Announcing, Nelle Dawes; Directors of Continuity, Martha Jane Pearsall, Ann Miller; Directors of Drama, Lynn Bennett, Betty Collins; Director of Music, Neal Ayala; Directors of Artists Bureau, Betty Sparks, June Klein; Director of News, Alice Cassriel; Business Manager, Lois Anderson; Traffic Managers, Joan Goode, Betsy Hilldrup; Program Sales, Elizabeth Law, Barbara Chisholm; Publicity, Virginia Pinchbeck; Audience Measurement, Janet Ryder; Special Events, Norvell Millner; Chief Engineer, Mary Anna Gormly; Director of Recording, Ellen Bono; Program Engineering, Marijane Lindenberger, Norma Jean King; Director of Sound, Ruth Meyer; Faculty Advisor, Mr. Harold Weiss.

600 on the dial ... 4 130 on the clock . . . and Mary Washington College is on the air! This year the campus radio station became affiliated with the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, and adopted as its official title Station WMWC. Daily dramas, campus news, the concert hour, and the hit tune parade have become favorites on
the Hill. Those who are selected to be on the staff receive valuable training as announcers, actresses, engineers, and script writers — training which will prepare them for jobs in radio.

Date: 1946

Categories: Yearbook Entries

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Reference: Battlefield, 1946, p. 178.