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Battlefield, 1949


and over the air we hear the mike club

Officers: Thompson, Conley, Bornemann, Zipf, Fletcher, Sosebee, Elliott, Lowe (President), Abendschein

If a Student is interested in learning about radio and cannot fit the class into her schedule, the Mike Club is the organization to join. Many join the club not only to ha'e fun but to be trained in some particular field of radio.

Members receive practice in radio by assisting with the management of WMWC, which is on the air three hours daily. They may help with the engineering, write scripts, or even direct. Dawn Patrol, the morning program, conveniently gives the time and entertains with music. The afternoon programs vary, with records of both classical and popular music, dramatic skits, interviews with students and faculty, and student talent.

The club's membership in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System has proved of much value in program planning and understanding radio technicalities.

Joan Lowe heads the organization this year and has, with the help of others, produced better programs and enlarged the listening audience on campus.

Date: 1949

Categories: Yearbook Entries

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Reference: Battlefield, p. 131.