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Battlefield, 1950


MIKE CLUB...Those who ride the air waves

Station Manager: Nancy Stacey
Program Director: Ann McClerkin
Continuity: Catherine Thompson
Publicity: Natalie Wilson
Production: Sarah Miles
Music Librarian: Ruth Stess
Chief Engineer: Martha Carr
Artist Bureau: Helen Chiles

Station WMWC on the air . . . many are listening, or a few, or maybe just this once no one. Its thrilling and fun for everyone in the studio . . . script writer, engineer, and performer alike.

Each year Mike Club develops new techniques for better and more original programs. Criticism and comments are welcomed by members of the Mike Club whose membership in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System has also proved of value in understanding radio technicalities.

Over the air comes music, drama, interviews, news ; behind these things is what every Mike Cluber understands . . . planning — perfect timing . . . co-operation and skill . . . the fascinating realm of what makes radio click.

Date: 1950

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1950, p. 122.

Notes: p. 141 also mentions that sorority Pi Gammu Mu "has a radio program on WMWC."