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Battlefield, 1952

Battlefield, 1952


Radio Replaced TV On Campus Station WMWC

A faulty mike on the G. W. stage ... a Mike Club member to the rescue . . . "Testing, one, two, three" . . . WMWC on the air Monday through Friday from four o'clock to five. Radio enthusiasts all . . . training classes in radio techniques . . . encouraging all organizations to have a monthly radio program . . . producing skits, introducing talent or advertising dramatic productions on the hill over WFVA each Thursday. A record album of such college songs as "High on Marye's Hilltop."

MIKE CLUB. Left to right: Davis, Baylor, Barton. Pritchard, Riddle, Steele, Mrs. Sollenberger. Starkey. President; Mulligan.

Date: 1952

Categories: Yearbook Entries

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Reference: Battlefield, 1952, p. 95.