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Battlefield, 1954


Mike Club

Broadcasting from duPont Hall, members of the Mike Club presented programs written, directed, and produced by the students over Station WMWC. These programs have featured recordings of classical music. interviews with students and faculty, dramatic skits, and other student talent. It is composed of students from the radio broadcasting classes and others who are interested in radio.

Mr. Duke, Bidwell, President, Jones, Harper, Plotkin, Seifert, Miller, Gumbart. Holcomb, Bourne.

Date: 1954

Categories: Yearbook Entries

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Reference: Battlefield, 1954, p. 100.

Notes: A mention of WMWC is also made on p. 126: "Zeta Phi Eta, the national professional speech fraternity for women... made plans for a weekly radio program on station WMWC."