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Battlefield, 1956



Just a flick of a wrist and they're on!

Providing an outlet for campus talent, the Mike Club broadcasts each evening from the beautiful studios in duPont. Station WMWC, the pride of every member, is staffed entirely by students who are interested in speech, drama, music, scriptwriting, and engineering. Offering a variety of programs, from disc jockey shows to classical interludes, and from personality interviews to special club-sponsored broadcasts, the Mike Club fills its daily hour with interesting news items, inspirational talks, college talent, and the latest in popular recordings.

Through remote control, the club has been broadcasting twice a month this year over the local Fredericksburg station, WFVA, for the first time since moving into the new studios.

In addition to learning the techniques of producing, engineering, and directing the campus radio programs, this club is in charge of the microphones for Convocation, assembly, May Day, and graduation.

Seated: Elliason, Baker, Sink, Tibbetts, Parker. Standing: Craft, Lautenslager, Nelson, Beamer, Spivey, Jones, Ayres, Dubetsky, Stiller, Mitchell, Harris.

Date: 1956

Categories: Yearbook Entries

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Reference: Battlefield, 1956, p. 152.