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Battlefield, 1957



The Mike Club fulfills a double purpose on the MWC campus. Open to all girls interested in broadcasting, it acts in both a service and training capacity. Members of the club serve the school by setting up and caring for all microphones and public address systems which are used on campus for various functions, by publicizing all student activities, and by making recordings for students and townspeople whenever desired.

Three times a week the girls direct broadcasts over Station WMWC, presenting such programs as disc jockey shows, interviews, student performances and speeches and selections of both popular and classical music. The Mike Club is trained in engineering, announcing, directing, and programming.

MIKE CLUB. Left to right: C. Wohlnick, S. Zabner, S. Epps, I. Phillips, J. Lautenslager, R. Craft, D. Sensabaugh, S. Kates, R. Gaines. Seated: L. Eadie.

Date: 1957

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1957, p. 150.