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Battlefield, 1958



Broadcasting from the beautiful studios in DuPont, the Mike Club accomplishes a two-fold purpose. While the members serve their fellow-students, they are also being trained in the fields of engineering, programming, and directing.

In addition to presenting interviews, speeches, and various musical programs the club makes recordings for both college girls and townspeople upon request.

Offering a varied program, from personality interviews to disk-jockey shows and from classical interludes to inspirational talks, the club provides an outlet for campus talent. It is staffed entirely by students.

Seated: S. Hatfield. Standing: Mr. Duke, J. Sullins, M. Trembath, S. Kates, V. Biggers, H. Nunn.

Date: 1958

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1958, p. 142.