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Battlefield, 1959



"Attention please. You will be on the air in one minute." This familiar cry can be heard every Tuesday night as the Mike Club readies itself for its weekly broadcast over Station WFVA, Fredericksburg. The club strives to give practical experience in the art of radio broadcasting through the facilities of M. W. C.'s own station, WMWC. Members learn to write, organize, and engineer radio programs by participating in the Tuesday night broadcasts. The base of operations is in DuPont, where two well-equipped engineering rooms and a program room are ready for use at all times. Extensive files hold all the information necessary for future broadcasts and make available a large supply of "music for listening pleasure," as the latest releases sent to WMWC by record companies are filed here.

Kneeling: P. Sills, J. Hastings, E. Goldstein. Standing: M. Trembath, S. Kasson, S. Collson, Mr. Duke, M. Joslin, F. Rowell, D. Mixson, S. Jefferson, L. Claflin.

Date: 1959

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1959, p. 162.