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Battlefield, 1964


Mike Club

Bette Lewis... President
Evelyn Tune... Vice President
Pat Swift... Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. Albert Duke... Advisor

The Mike Club is an active organization which broadcasts student-operated radio programs on campus. Among the programs scheduled for this year were "Story Time" for the children in the area, "Assignment Listening," which provides different types of music, and "On Campus," a news bulletin. The club not only serves people in the Fredericksburg area, but is also a publicity medium used by other campus organizations.

First Row: Barbara Woore, Suzanne Rucker, Mary Hayes, Bea Sears, Evie Tune, Bette Lewis, Pat Swift. Second Row: Linda Broyles, Pat Brown, Judy Itchek, Pat Jenkins, Florence Bishop, Pat Sinclair, Sandi Lawhorne, Mary Beth Bush, Patsy Peele, Lynn Norris, Mr. Duke, Jeanne Quigley.

Date: 1964

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1964, p. 187.

Notes: The Mike Club/WMWC didn't appear in the 1963 yearbook. It is unknown why.