Station Archive

Battlefield, 1965


Organized to give experience in the production and presentation of radio programs, the Mike Club is open to any student interested in radio production. The main activity of the club is to produce three radio programs which are broadcast weekly on Fredericksburg radio stations WFVA and WFLS. The programs are "Story Time," a children's program, "Assignment Listening," a musical variety program, and a short news program.


Patricia Swift President
Lynn Norris Vice President
Susan Burho Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. Albert G. Duke Advisor

First Row: B. Witmer, K. Boyd, B. Smith, M. Spicknall, A. Burnette. Second Row: J. Bobrosky, P. Swift, L. Norris, S. Lawhorne. Third Row: S. Burho, L. Shields, P. Brown, E. Tune, M. Hutcherson, Mr. Duke, R. Apffel, M. Black, J. Schifalacqua.