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Battlefield, 1979


Club Officers: Station Manager, Jeannie Weller, Program Director, Linda Reynolds, Technical Director, Steve Greene, Business Manager, Moira McKeough, Ads Manager, Roger Prine, News Director, Debs Pheiffer, Publicity, Holly Kelley, Librarian, Mark Nicholson. Members: Lewis Wendell, Alice Woodworth, Mary Meehan, Gadson Griffith, Ruth Willis, Randy Wyszpolski, Risa Ritzert, Terri Manderioli, Mike Bailey, Debbie Cutchin, Lori Cooney, Joe Hely, Carolyn Reames, Laura Dick, Lisa Latell, Beth Goldstein, Alison Semenkovich, Patty Bradford, Rosemary Birchett, Holly Grabree, Christa Arvantes, Suzanne Tedeschi, Jenifer Blair, Carol Eberly, Camella Sperlazza, Mary Griffon, Martha DeSilva, Cinda Sheehan, Tim Erickson, Terry-Anne Jacoby, Elizabeth Inze, Anne Hayes, Liz McLennan, Margaret Frahm, Kristin Eliot, Anna Rinaca, Diane Cowper, Mary Regan, Cyn Anderson, Duke Stableford, Melodie Burmingham, Sam Mitchell, Cedric Rucker, Elliot Wentz, Shayne Gardner, Pat Thompson, Wynne Hamilton, Jan Markland.

Date: 1979

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1979, p. 268, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Mary Washington.

Notes: As noted on page 271, WMWC was part of the newly formed Board of Publications and Broadcasting. Additionally, on page 278, it's noted that NORML had a 15-minute slot on the station.