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Battlefield, 1981


On The Air

The original student interest which caused the births of MWC's AVC-TV television station and WMWC am radio station in the past few years continued to work toward improvements and fresh ideas for the stations' operation. WMWC operated by an all-student, volunteer staff presented a variety of music, news, advertisements, sports, and weather for daily air shows. AVC-TV presented news and movies each week, and scheduled selected programs for classroom viewing. The AVC-TV trained three apprentices in the basics of news gathering and camera/equipment techniques.


A "Wiskey Hollow" member performs at a WMWC-sponsored concert.

Surrounded by radio equipment, WVIWC disc jockey Steve Jolbert prepares another tune for air play.


WMWC: (front row) Jenifer Blair; Linda Wifandt; Tom Valente; Monica Peterschmidt, Station Manager; Cathy France; Alexandra Littlehales; Meg Ball; Holly Gabree; Maura Meehan (back row) Lisa Saunders; Lisa Hale; Katie Rinaca; David Schwalbe; Steve Jolbert; Cedric Rucker; Eric Olson; Dave Hardin; Farah Maynor; Resa Ritzert; Cathy Cooke.