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Battlefield, 1986



The college radio station broadcasts to almost all buildings on campus. Programs include a wide variety of music, campus news and items of local interest.

Members: Anne Lewis (general manager), Brian Allen, Mike Ausley, Nee-Cee Baker, Chris Bonner, Jean Barbagallo, Jack Beattie, Mark Boespflug, Clare Bohan, Aimee Boyd, Monica Boyle, Tracy Bramlet, Jihn Brandt, Jane Ellen Brennan, James Britto, Tim Brown, Garrett Brown, Lori Brubaker, Diane Cardwell, Theresa Chambers, Elaine Charron, Jeff Christiansen, Sandra Clements, Jenny Cliff, Steve Clipp, Mark Collings, Jim Conroy, Sherri Cooper, Susan Courtney, Stephanie Creed, Mark Crelia, Jamie Crowley, Nancy Doyle, Patrick Doley, Edie Dunn, John Flynn, Kemetia Foley, Maggie Getzinger, Michael Glynn, Rick Golden, Aline Griffith, Jeff Hayes, Marianne Helms, Sally Hennessey, Annice Hirt, Pat Howard, Debbie Hyland, Heather Jackson, Karen Jordan, Anna Kelly, Lynn Kennedy, Paul Killmer, Sue Kimball, Steve King, Christina Klinger, Robby Knoll, Kirsti Lattu, Julie Lawrence, Nicole Linsalata, Peter LaMarca, Chris Marron, Bernie Matute, Jamie May, Pat McAleer, Kelley McElroy, Tim McNealy, Diedre Moesteller, Bob Murphy, Lisa Muth, Emily Nack, Kris Neary, Andrew Norbury, Susan Owens, Kim Palmer, Cassi Parcher, Susan Payne, John Pimblett, Ken Plaia, Jenny Priliaman, Laura Puccini, David Quick, Jennifer Renault, William Rice, Joe Riley, Judy Rollick, Kevin Roop, Heather Rust, Rico Samuel, Karen Schroeder, Andrea Schwalm, Sandy Seay, Kerry Shanley, Christine Smith, Valerie Sparks, Ken Spearbeck, Mary Stewart, April Stoops, Constance Stultz, Mark Szymczak, Jennifer Taylor, John Thompson, Mark Tringale, Paul Tuttle, Mark Tysom, Whitney Van Landingham, Edo Vanderzee, Chris Viladsau, David Wall, Tricia Weber, Laura Webner, Lisa White, Chris Zavrel, Don Appairius and Kevin Tiernan.

Date: 1986

Categories: Yearbook Entries

File: pdf

Reference: Battlefield, 1986, p. 69, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Mary Washington.

Notes: On page 59, WMWC's participation in a lip sync contest is noted: "This event was emceed by the WMWC D.J. team of David Quick and Anne Lewis. The panel of judges was comprised of Mickey Houck, Betty Luttrell and students picked from the audience. The evening ended with all the acts making a final appearance together and dancing to Dire Straits Money for Nothing."