Station Archive

Battlefield, 2008


Founded in 1946, WMWC is the student-run radio station at Mary Washington. Although not currently on on actual airwave frequency, WMWC is still proudly broadcasting online out of it's somewhat new home in the Woodard Campus Center.

Pounding out anything from classic rock to the heaviest of metals, DJs spend time each week to make sure their show is both music filled and entertaining for their audience. However, not all of the shows are strictly
music based. One featured show this year was the Bone Zone, with DJs Justin Choi and Tali Schiller. Not your average morning show, these two stayed up late at night broadcasting conversations about a range of topics from sexual fantasies to sex toys. Other DJs like Adrienne Decker focus on playing music instead of talking.

Not all talk, the rest of WMWC rocks on with their own shows, being dictated by no one other than themselves. Log on and tune in to WMWC at to check them out.